Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lemon Poppy Seed Sour Cream Cake


Wow.  This cake is all about the lemon.  I actually ended up with only about 1.7 oz of lemon juice so I added the equivalent ratio of sugar and I am really glad I didn't have the entire amount of lemon syrup.  I had a few girls over for dinner (I made Lois's Cuban Picadillo - yum) and this cake came out of the oven while we ate.  So, we ate it warm.  And it was Lemon-y.  

I am not a big fan of lemon, but my husband is and poor guy never gets to eat lemon cake.  He absolutely loved it.  The girls said they liked it, but it was a bit too strong.  This is an understatement.  

I brought it to work the next day and had a small piece.  The next day the flavors had mellowed and my criticism was the texture with the seeds.  The picadillo was also much better the next day! 

All in all, this was not my favorite cake.  It had mixed reviews.  Some glowing, some not so good, depending on the degree of lemon-lover.

That's it for me tonight! 


  1. Lisa... your cake looked like mine after I doused it up with the syrup... I guess we did something right?

    And like you, I had mix reviews about it too... I put the poppy seeds because Tom (the Boyfriend) loves this combo (he goes nuts with the lemon, poppy seed muffins)... But, I'm thinking of letting them out the next time I make this, because I too had issues with it.

    The cake looks great thought. :)

  2. Too bad this wasn't a winner for you. We loved it! :o)

  3. Your's came a lovely golden color!

  4. Your cake looks great! I agree with Hanaa that i love this cake too. It's great without the poppyseeds too. Ianier substituted lemon with orange and perhaps that might be better? :)

  5. We loved this cake - didn't find it too lemony at all. Maybe you had super strong lemons. Did you measure the lemon zest by weight? I'm glad I did because I would have added about twice as much zest if I had measured it with a spoon.


  6. Too bad you didn't like this -- we both loved it, but then we are big fans of the lemon-poppy seed combination! I like the idea of orange and no poppy seeds, too -- maybe that would suit you better.